Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received a coupon code for BirthBabyBody Courses. Can I access any course with it?

    Yes! Click the "Buy" button in any course, and enter your coupon code at checkout.

  • Where specifically do I enter my coupon code?

    1.) Click on your desired course. 2.) Click on any “Buy” button in the course which will take you to the check out page/registration page. 3.) You’ll be prompted to create an account. 4.) After creating an account, click “Have a coupon code?” And enter coupon. That's it! You're in your course!

  • Are these all the classes you have?

    We add new classes regularly! In 2019 we'll be releasing the following classes: 1.) "Montessori 101: Creating an Environment at Home that Fosters Independence in Your Child (0-3 years old)", and 2.) "Kinesiology Taping: An Alternative to Medication That Helps Relieve Postpartum and Pregnancy Pains" Follow our FB page by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom right of this page to get updates on when these classes are released.