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The Most Common Postpartum Fitness Question Answered

Meet Ashley & Learn What This Course is All About

How Do You Know if This Course is For You?

  • You just had a baby and aren't sure what the next steps are to going back to working out

  • You were super active before you had a baby, and you want to gain back your strength and motivation

  • You want to ease back into exercise after having a baby

  • You want to be able to exercise while you're still at home with your baby

  • You need some guidance in how to figure out working out postpartum

Why Follow A Fitness Program?

Well structured postpartum workouts allow you to safely return to exercise, build muscle, improve posture, and lose weight (if that is your goal)

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What You'll Learn

Ashley has put together this program that is perfect for anyone ready to exercise again after having a baby

  • A roadmap of how to return to exercise after having a baby with exact workout routines

  • Workouts that are tailored to your postpartum body, whether you delivered via c-section or vaginally

  • Special consideration for pelvic floor health and abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)

  • Specific movements broken down for 0-6 weeks after having baby and 7-18 weeks postpartum

  • You will know the signs to look for if you need to reduce the intensity of your workouts

  • You will leave with a sample mobility and strength workout modified for postpartum activity

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1: Introduction to Course
  • 2
    Module 2: Retraining Motor Patterns & Regaining Mobility (0-6 wks postpartum)
    • What You'll Get Out of Module 2 (Watch Before Going to Demos)
    • Common Fitness Questions Parents Have After Having a Baby
    • Exercises to AVOID 0-6 Weeks After Having A Baby
    • Exercises You CAN Do 0-6 Weeks After Having a Baby
    • Mobility Exercise: Neck Stretch (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Hip Flexor (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Glute Bridge (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Heel Slide (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Walk (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Clamshell (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Chest Opener (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Weighted Body Squat (Demo)
    • Mobility Exercise: Seated Row (Demo)
    • Module 2 Summary
  • 3
    Module 3: Preparing for Exercise (7-18 weeks postpartum)
    • What You'll Learn In Module 3
    • Exercises to AVOID 7-16 Weeks After Having a Baby
    • Exercises You CAN Do 7-16 Weeks Having A Baby
    • Dynamic Warmup: Cat Cow (Demo)
    • Dynamic Warmup: Yogi Squat/Garland Pose (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Deadlift (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Half-Kneeling Row (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Squat (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Abduction (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Alternating Chest Press (Demo)
    • Strength Warm-up: Heel Slide w/ Alternating Arms (Demo)
    • Module 3 Summary
  • 4
    Module 4: Putting It All Together
    • What You'll Learn In This Module (Please watch before doing workout sequences)
    • Work Out Sequence 1: 0-6 Weeks After Having a Baby
    • Workout Sequence 2: 7-18 Weeks After Having a Baby
    • Module 4 Summary
  • 5
    Module 5: Next Steps
    • Fitting in Working Out as a New Parent
    • Exercise Tips
    • Module 5 Summary
  • 6
    Module 6: Bonus
    • Bonus: How to Properly Lift and Carry Your Baby To Prevent Injury While Your Postpartum Body is Healing (Demo)
    • Bonus: Foam Rolling Postpartum (Demo)
    • Bonus: Baby and Me Exercises (Demo)
    • Bonus: Simple Cardio You Can Do After Having a Baby (Demo)
  • 7
    • Review
    • Review

Feeling Out Of Touch With Your Body?

Get step-by-step workouts to strengthen and connect with your postpartum body.

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  • Ashley Heisler, CPPC

    Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Coach

    Ashley Heisler, CPPC

    Ashley (she/her/hers) is the owner of Lillian June Wellness, located in Austin, TX. She offers customized personal fitness training and nutrition coaching for women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, postpartum, and beyond. All customized prenatal and postpartum training at Lillian June Wellness is built on a strong platform of specialty coursework (CPPC) designed by fitness and medical professionals, doulas, midwives, and physiotherapists. Ashley’s unique approach is made complete by coupling this training with building confidence and creating a body-positive environment and community for moms and moms-to-be. Trainer Ashley holds numerous certifications including certified prenatal & postnatal coach (CPPC), Precision Nutrition – PN1 certified coach, ACE certified fitness trainer, TRX, and has 13+ years of experience in the fitness & wellness industry. Outside of Lillian June Wellness, you can find Ashley exploring Austin with her husband and daughter, cooking healthy meals, organizing her home, meeting up with friends for coffee, taking walks, cheering on the Longhorns, and reading.


What Parents Are Saying About Ashley

Jill H.

Effortless Transition Back into Fitness

Jill H.

“Ashley has made the transition back into a fitness routine almost effortless (all while she was pregnant as well!). With her help, fitness no longer feels like as much of a chore, and I know that not only am I better off for it, but my baby will be too!”
Anna H.


Anna H.

“Ashley was so insightful about how to heal and get started with exercise again after my son was born. I really appreciated how willing she was to work with me, even when I had the little guy with me during workouts!”
Sara T.

Easy Workouts Fit into Busy Schedule

Sara T.

"I wanted to start exercising after the birth of my daughter, but I wasn't sure where to start. As a working mom, Ashley's workouts were easy to fit into my busy schedule and I was able to feel comfortable in my body again!"


  • What fitness level is this class geared towards?

    This class is designed for every fitness level. So whether you are an experienced gym goer or have never worked out a day in your life you will gain valuable information on safe and effective practices for your postpartum fitness plan.

  • When should I start this class?

    This class can be started anytime between week 0-18 postpartum or later postpartum if you feel like you need to build a solid foundation for your body before jumping into your regular exercise routine.

  • I thought you weren't suppose to exercise before 6 weeks postpartum? How can I use this class before then?

    This class is designed help you build a solid foundation for your body starting with simple breathing exercises that you can start right away, leading into a full-on fitness routine when you are ready.

  • Can I use this class if I have diastasis recti (abdominal separation) or pelvic floor dysfunction?

    This class and the included exercises were designed knowing that many postpartum women are experiencing these issues postpartum. As with any exercise program, please consult your medical provider before starting our program.

  • Once I purchase this course, will I always have access to it?

    Absolutely! Your purchase includes lifetime access. So, you can return to this course again and again if you need to.