How Do You Know If This Class Is For You?

  • You are suffering from lower back pain or pubic bone pain during pregnancy and/or after giving birth and you want RELIEF!

  • Your are looking for drug-free alternatives to manage your pregnancy or postpartum pain

  • You want step-by-step demo's on how to apply kinesiology tape to yourself at home

  • You want to know more about how to use kinesiology safely while pregnant or nursing

  • You lower back pain keeps you from getting good sleep

  • You're concerned about taking medication for your pain and wish something else could help

Did You Know?

You can use kinesiology tape to relieve back, foot, calf, and carpal tunnel pain?

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What You'll Learn

  • How to tape for common pregnancy and postpartum pain, like lower back pain, leg pain, carpal tunnel, and C-section scar pain

  • How to use kinesiology tape to support a growing belly, mastitis and clogged ducts, and abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)

  • How to confidently prepare tape to apply and safely remove it

  • Tips for when to tape, when not to tape, and best taping practices

  • Plus, a bonus video lesson showing how to loosen the hips and prevent pain

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Course
    • Meet The Instructor
    • What You'll Learn In This Course
    • Is this Class A Good Fit For You?
    • Mythbuster: There is a Drug Free Alternative for Pregnancy and Postpartum Pain
    • How to Navigate This Course (IMPORTANT!)
  • 2
    Module 2: The Basics Of Kinesiology Tape
    • History Of Kinesiology Tape
    • Four Techniques Of Kinesiology Taping
    • Taping Safety
    • Handling The Tape
  • 3
    Module 3: Kinesiology Taping For Back Pain
    • Introduction To Back Pain
    • Taping Demo: Low Back Support
    • Taping Demo: Belly Support
    • Taping Demo: Shoulder & Mid Back Support
  • 4
    Module 4: Kinesiology Taping For Extremity Pain
    • Extremity Pain Introduction
    • Taping Demo: Knee Pain
    • Taping Demo: Arch Support
    • Taping Demo: Calf Cramps
    • Taping Demo: Carpal Tunnel
    • Taping Demo: De Quervain’s/Trigger Thumb
  • 5
    Module 5: Additional Kinesiology Taping Applications
    • Introduction To Additional Applications
    • Prepping the Tape for Mastitis/Clogged Duct Support
    • Taping Demo: Mastitis/Clogged Ducts Support
    • Taping Demo: Diastasis Recti
    • Taping Demo: C-Section Scar Mobilization
  • 6
    Module 6: Troubleshooting
    • How Do I Cut The Tape Correctly?
    • What Do I Do If I Only Have Pre-cut Strips?
    • What Do I Do If The Taping Application Is Irritating The Skin?
    • What Do I Do If The Tape Isn't Sticking?
    • Where Do I Buy Kinesiology Tape?
    • How Do I Remove The Tape Safely?
    • Tape Removal Instructions
  • 7
    • Recap Of This Course
    • Do I Have To Be A Professional To Apply Kinesiology Tape?
  • 8
    • Demo: Piriformis Stretch
    • Demo: Hip Flexor Stretch
  • 9
    • Review


  • Dr. Katherine Melot MSPP, DC, CACCP

    Doctor Of Chiropractic

    Dr. Katherine Melot MSPP, DC, CACCP

    Dr. Katherine Melot (she/her/hers) is a Doctor Of Chiropractic and the co-founder of BirthBabyBody. Dr. Melot has been using kinesiology tape to help people for the past 10 years. Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Melot worked for a large kinesiology taping company taping hundreds of athletes at marathons and triathlons across the United States. Upon becoming a chiropractor, she begin using kinesiology tape to help her clients manage and relieve common pregnant and postpartum pain. She currently is in private practice in Austin, TX at Precision Chiropractic ATX. Dr. Melot is Certificated by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics and focuses on prenatal, postnatal, pediatric, and family chiropractic care.


  • Will this course help me learn to tape myself?

    Yes, many of the taping techniques Dr. Melot demonstrates can be done on your own body, with some requiring additional help from another person.

  • How is this different from taping techniques I can find on YouTube?

    Dr. Katherine Melot offers a comprehensive explanation on how and when to use kinesiology tape safely and effectively for pregnancy and postpartum. Her taping techniques are specifically made for people who are pregnant or have given birth.

Pain Relief

Kinesiology tape is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to relieve pain.

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