How Do You Know If This Class Is For You?

  • You have an in-person class that you would like to turn into an online class that can be offered over and over again

  • You want to give more educational content to your clients without spending more of your time with them

  • You want to learn how to make passive income using the knowledge you already have

  • You are not tech savvy and want an overview of the steps needed to create your online class

Did You Know?

E-learning increases retention by 25% - 60% (while in person retention is only 8%-10%. The Research Institute of America.)

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What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass 

  • How to plan out your class to transition online

  • How to use the equipment you already have in your home or office to get started on filming

  • What free tools exist out there to publish your course online

  • How to create an ongoing revenue stream with your online classes

  • Productivity tips for working remotely while you build your online content

Course curriculum

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    How to Turn In-Person Classes into Online Classes
    • Masterclass


  • Sofia Salazar

    Co-Founder, BirthBabyBody & Life Coach

    Sofia Salazar

    Sofia Salazar (they/them) is a life coach, Chicanx parent, and co-founder of BirthBabyBody. They have spent the last 7 years empowering people through personal coaching to live personally and professionally fulfilling lives by using their unique talents to make a positive impact in the world. A former wedding and events photographer, Sofia transforms real-life classes for new parents into the online classes you see on They co-founded BirthBabyBody with Dr. Katherine Melot in 2018 over a cup of tea and coffee when they both discovered they had a mutual passion for finding innovative ways to support and educate parents in a society that is failing to give new parents the support they need. Sofia is a women’s college graduate, an avid world traveler, and New Mexican transplant.

42% of companies increase their revenue with online learning.

(The Ambient Insight 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market - Executive Report)

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