Creating A Postpartum Care Plan Will:

  • Guide you to gather the supplies you will need to nurture both yourself and baby during the postpartum period

  • Identify who your support team is so you can feel confident that your family will have all needs met as you all adjust to life with a newborn

  • Prepare you for changes that may happen in postpartum mental health

  • Equip you with strategies for connecting with your partner or support person so that you grow as a team during the postpartum period

Feel Confident With Your Postpartum Plan

This course will take you step-by-step through the most important parts of planning for postpartum

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1: Introduction to the Course
  • 2
    Module 2: The 4th Trimester
    • La Cuarentena (The 4th Trimester)
    • Getting to Know Your Postpartum Body
    • Your Body After Birth (Vaginal & C-section)
    • Breast Changes
    • Getting to Know Yourself as a Parent
    • The Importance of Support
    • Asking for Help
    • Why Do You Need a Postpartum Care Plan
  • 3
    Module 3: Creating a Postpartum Care Plan: Step-by-Step
    • What is a Postpartum Care Plan?
    • Postpartum Care Plan Template FREE PREVIEW
    • Why You Need a Postpartum Care "Kit"
    • Demo: Homemade Natural Padsicles
    • Demo: How to Make Your Own Natural Sitz Bath
    • Name Your support System
    • Tips To Give To Visitors
    • Meal Prep/Planning
    • Identify Breastfeeding Support
    • Name Overnight Help
    • Make Time to Maintain a Sense of Self
    • Make Time to Connect with Your Partner
    • Have Older Children? List Out Care Providers
  • 4
    Module 4: Postpartum Rituals
    • Benefits of Rituals
    • Placenta Rituals
    • Umbilical Rituals
    • Intro to Binding Rituals
    • Demo: Rebozo (Mexican Traditional Binding)
    • Demo: Bengkung Belly Binding
    • Demo: Binding with Store Bought Binder
    • "Closing of The Bones"
    • Beyond the 4th Trimester
  • 5
    Module 5: Bonus
    • Setting up Your Feeding Station
  • 6
    • Review

Your Postpartum Plan Is Just As Important As Your Birth Plan!

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  • Irasema (Iris) Reza Bailey, Doula & Sobadora/Bodyworker

    Doula & Bodyworker/Sobadora

    Irasema (Iris) Reza Bailey, Doula & Sobadora/Bodyworker

    Irasema, a.k.a. Iris, is a Spanish/English speaking doula and bodyworker/sobadora, as well as a Reiki healer. She has supported parents and families in the Austin, TX area, as a doula since 2009 and is currently a birth companion at Mama Sana Vibrant Women, a non-profit that offers birth/postpartum education support to women of color. Before that she volunteered with Giving Austin Labor Support (GALS), a non-profit that provides physical and emotional support during labor to women in need, for 7 years. She uses a traditional Mexican tool called the Rebozo which can help with optimal fetal positioning and comfort during birthing time, and she also teaches classes on the use of the Rebozo in pregnancy birth and postpartum as well as using it as a self-care tool. She has trained with DONA International, Vida Luna Massage y Mas, and Mercy in Action as a Midwifery assistant. In traditional Rebozo techniques she trained with Marucha Ilhuakatzin and uses techniques passed down from her abuela (grandmother) Juana Solis Martinez. Irasema founded Birth Comadres, the only doula collective fully formed and run by bilingual Latina birth companions in the greater Austin, TX area.

What Parents Are Saying About Irasema (Iris)

Adrienne Garman

Highly Recommended

Adrienne Garman

"Iris came highly recommend, as she’s well known in the Austin birth community, and upon our initial interview I knew she was the right fit for us. Her calming voice, healing hands, and mindfulness carried me through my 10 month pregnancy and birth. I’m so grateful for her spirit, her light, and her gifts."
Janette S. Cordero

I felt confident and supported

Janette S. Cordero

"Iris at Birth Comadres helped me feel powerful and beautiful throughout my pregnancy. With their help and care, I felt confident and supported as my body went through changes I never experienced before. I had a prenatal massage and visits with my doula that improved my comfort level. When it came time for my labor & delivery, everything went 180, the opposite of what I wanted or expected. However, my constant was my doula. She was an advocate and a warm caregiver through the two days of my labor. My doula provided great postpartum care in her home visits."
Melissa Friesen

Expertly honed intuition

Melissa Friesen

"Iris helped my partner and me navigate our journey to parenthood with expertly honed intuition and a calming, open presence. She provided continuity of care in an otherwise fragmented medical system, helping us process the need for and recover from a C-section -- both in the hospital and in our home. We are grateful for the resources and information, kind ear, and gentle affirmation."


  • Is this class only for the birthing person?

    No. This class is also useful for the birthing person's support system and postpartum care team.

  • When is the best time to take this course?

    The best time to take this course is before birth happens BUT if you didn't get a chance to put a postpartum care plan together before birth it is still useful to do so at any point postpartum.

  • Does this course cover information for both c-section and vaginal birth postpartum care?

    Short answer: Yes! Long answer: Yes it does! At BirthBabyBody we want to support all types of birth and birthing people!

  • Does this course go over breastfeeding?

    This course touches on breast changes and breastfeeding but we recommend you take a full dedicated breastfeeding class to get all the info on that! (We hope to offer one at BirthBabyBody soon!)

Have a Postpartum Plan

Preparing for birth recovery should not be an after thought. It needs to be a priority that starts in pregnancy.

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